Welcoming PNFP clients and advisers.

Clients of PNFP

Community-focused specialist WA financial planning business WMP welcomes PNFP clients

WMP operates only in WA and shares with PNFP a strong focus on supporting the local community in which it operates.

With PNFP advisers joining the WMP team as equity partners, clients will experience continuity and security in this transition.

WMP is a financial planning for retirement specialist and looks forward to building a wonderful future for our new clients.  

We can assure you that there are absolutely no changes to the investments, superannuation, pension or other account holdings of clients. These remain 100% secure and exactly as they were. 

A partnership of specialists


“PNFP Financial Planning clients come from all walks of life with many being key service workers in our communities. Many of our existing clients share similar backgrounds, maybe because their commitment to providing care and security aligns so closely with our own approach."

Steve Beattie Managing Partner, WMP

“A critical factor in our decision making was to ensure that the business remained Western Australian owned and operated. We have identified a values-based WA financial planning business that we are confident will offer our members and their families excellent on-going advice.”

Andrew Hadley CEO, P&N Bank

Why is this good news for PNFP clients?

Receive specialist focus

WMP has a core focus on Financial Planning. We guide our clients every step of the way through the retirement journey. This means our focus delivers more value to you.

Get even more secure

Over nearly 20 years WMP has a proven track record. In the stories, our clients tell of their experience they return again and again to one central theme: security.

Stay with your adviser

With PNFP advisers moving over to WMP as equity partners, your core team is now supported by a specialist business, so you can achieve the best retirement you can.

Transition effortlessly

PNFP clients are not required to do anything in this transition process. WMP will contact you before the agreed time for your next meeting or email through questions.

Let’s work together

Questions you may have:

Is my money safe? Are there any changes to my investments?

There are absolutely no changes to your investment providers and your money is safe. The providers remain exactly as they were.  

There is no change to the strategy and advice provided to you. There is also no change to your investments, superannuation, pension or other account holdings. 

Will my advice fee or service offer change?

No. WMP will honour your fixed term client service agreement. 

Will I get the same high quality advice and care I am used to?

Yes, if anything better. The reason for this is that your adviser will be now supported by a dedicated financial advice business that’s sole purpose is to improve your retirement experience.

Who are the owners of WMP and do they work in the business?

All owners of WMP work as advisors in the business day-to-day. This means they have hands-on control over the quality of the advice and care that is delivered.

Why did WMP acquire the clients of PNFP?

WMP was chosen by PNFP because of the care and compassion they have shown their clients over the last 20 years aligns closely with the PNFP values.

WMP has built an enduring business on the back of plain-speaking advice, strong relationships and valuable experience helping people through the retirement journey.

Do I have to pay any more in fees?

No. You will be charged the same amount to access quality advice and care.

Where will my meetings take place?

If you currently have an appointment booked we will be in contact to make suitable arrangements.

If not, when it is time for your annual review meeting, you will be invited to a meeting at WMP's offices on Burswood Road in Burswood.

If you are a regional client based in Mandurah or the South West, we also offer appointments at offices in Mandurah, Bunbury or Busselton. Location details will be provided when the appointment is made.

We have a simple online booking system to make this easy for you, or if your prefer, one of our staff will contact you by phone.

When the time comes, we'll be in touch. 

Steps from here:


Look in your letterbox or inbox

You will be sent communications by your current advisor that will explain everything to you clearly. If you have any questions, please call.

Catch up with your advisor

You will catch up with your advisor at your next scheduled meeting or a date will be proposed a few weeks before.

Stay close as your journey evolves

Your plan will evolve as you journey toward retirement and beyond. Our job is to stay close and advise as needed.
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