We give the best advice possible because we combine three vital knowledge sets. We understand the sort of person you are, the nuances of your chosen profession, with a genuine interest in the circle of care that supports you and that you support. The benefit of this approach is proven over nearly twenty years of helping Western Australians retire better.


Knowing more about you.

Every retirement journey is very different. Your wants, needs, hopes and desires all lead to a journey that is unique. Growing superannuation, budgeting finances, and protecting assets are some broad areas we will guide you through after we listen and learn from you.

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Knowing more about your industry.

It stands to reason that a policeman, a teacher, a nurse, a civil servant and a resources sector executive differ in the ways their financial affairs are handled. Sometimes the differences are small, but working with a specialist in your industry can transform your financial outcomes.

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Knowing more
about your family.

In times of need, who do you support and who supports you? At WMP we design a life in retirement that allows for others so that together you can be stronger. The key is to arrive at clear understandings between all family members so that you can live in peace.

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Steve Beattie
Managing Partner

Leaders that listen.

At WMP we get the balance right between leading and listening. We bring a sound structure to the client experience, but you will find when you meet with any of our advisers, there is a desire to understand your world as well as we can before we advise. Understanding your journey / vision is everything

Troy Hartley
Senior Partner
Sandra Carr
Senior Planner
Adrian Whitaker
Senior Partner
Janusz Mazurek
Senior Partner
Quincy Matambanadzo
Senior Partner
Richard Moore
Senior Planner
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