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We’re lucky here in Western Australia. But it takes more than luck to have what we call a ‘real’ retirement. It takes years of hard work from you for one thing. But it also takes specialist advice from financial professionals who know you, your industry and your relationships. 

Feel secure on your retirement journey.

Contemplating retirement can be daunting because the experience is so new. But it’s not for us. After 20 years of helping West Australians on this journey, we can guide you forward with confidence. We plan together and then live life’s journey together with you. We then help you make adjustments as life unfolds.
WMP helping to create your retirement plan
WMP retirement financial planning services giving West Australians confidence

Get financial advice in a language you understand.

We help our clients understand where they are at on their financial journey, where they want to get to and how they’re going to get there. We remove the fear of the unknown and replace it with excitement of the opportunities ahead.

We look through a lens of relationships not money.

The reality is that families are entwined across generations. And both ends of the age spectrum are facing new challenges as they support each other. We are positioned at the forefront of these conversations helping families stay strong and focused. So who makes up your circle?
The Retirement Specialists guiding Perth families to a confident retirement

“Ex-police officers are a pretty sceptical bunch. So when 20 of these characters told me about their experiences with WMP, I listened.”

Stuart, Retired WA Police Officer
Client of WMP for 18 years

Where are you on your retirement journey?

WMP Financial Planners can help with your investments
WMP Financial Planners can advise how to manage your promotion
WMP Financial Planners can advise how to manage your last day
WMP Financial Planners can help plan for the cost of travel
WMP Financial Planners can help manage parent caring
Whether your retirement is three months or thirty years away, your path will never be straightforward. The good, the not-so-good and the downright unexpected will happen to you and your family. At those times you need a financial team that can give you clarity and direction as your journey evolves. Remember: retirement is never a full stop.

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