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You may have bought a home, but do you own it?

For many Australians home ownership symbolises that first step towards securing financial security and future prosperity. Chances are, like most Australians, home ownership is more likely than not affected by your ability to borrow money and establish a mortgage. Who really owns your home?

Once you have made the move from being someone’s tenant to a fully fledged mortgagee the expectation is that after 25–30 years of hard graft, discipline and sacrifice, the principle and interest on the loan will be paid and you will finally, in the far off future, after all those years of careful budgeting and struggle, own your home.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if there was a way to pay of your mortgage earlier without sacrificing:

  • Lifestyle
  • Time with the family
  • Financial security
  • Living in your ‘dream’ property

What would you do with all the thousands of dollars of the extra money saved in interest payments?

Would you:

  • Invest in more property
  • Buy blue-chip shares
  • Start a business and become your own boss
  • Build a nest egg of savings
  • Pay for your children’s education
  • Go on more holidays
  • All of the above

It is all about you

We want to know what you hope to achieve and how we can make your dreams a reality. What is the point of waiting for tomorrow to begin investing in the future you want today. Do you want to build security in retirement, a nest egg for your family or simply ensure that you have the resources to sit back and relax – safe in the knowledge that you have built your arc?

Everyone is Unique

Your aspirations, dreams and goals are yours and yours alone. Reaching them usually takes hard work and planning. At the WMP Group we have the expertise and essential resources integral to taking the guesswork out of planning for your present and future.

For many of us buying a property to call ‘home’ is the biggest single investment we make in our lives, but it needn’t be the only investment we make and equally there is no reason why it shouldn’t be viewed as a stepping stone towards building a more prosperous future.

  • Do you want to pay off your home loan earlier?
  • Do you want to save hard cash in interest repayments, cut years off the term of your home loan and be confident that you are finally taking control of your finances?
  • Do you want to know how to erase your debts and start living without money ‘worries’?

Our goal is to give you the very best range of financial options available and most importantly show you how to pay off your mortgage earlier.

Our new MAP Program will help you to reach your goals sooner than you ever thought possible.

The MAP Program

At WMP Group we understand that as you move through life, your financial needs change. There is no one size fits all approach to growing wealth, and more importantly each person measures success differently. Over a lifetime, an individual’s needs change and grow.

Our MAP Program has been created to help you manage your money more effectively with the ongoing help and support of your personal WMP Group advisor.

How does it work?

We understand that there is no one size fits all approach to financial planning, however we deliver our clients with a level of insight about their financial requirements that empowers them to make the personal and lifestyle choices best suited to their situation.

Our MAP Program allows you to reduce debt, pay off your mortgage and plan for the future through the implementation of our exclusive MAP Program.

The MAP Program has been designed and refined through the years to help you understand the ‘big picture’. It doesn’t require you to fill in a myriad of forms or attempt to understand and master a range of difficult to use software programmes. What it does do is give you a deep understanding of where exactly you are directing your energy and money; providing you with the necessary tools to start making better and more informed decisions about your financial future.

When you take out a MAP Program with WMP Group you are automatically able to access, at no cost, the expertise and support of your own personal MAP adviser. Your adviser will deliver a plan that fits in with your financial goals and personal aspirations.When you take out a MAP Program with WMP Group you are automatically able to access, at no cost, the expertise and support of your own personal MAP adviser. Your adviser will deliver a plan that fits in with your financial goals and personal aspirations.

WMP MAP ACHIEVERS PROGRAM Your loan is just the beginning...
Does your loan give you the following?WMP MONEYYOUR BANK
Detailed analysis of your current financial situationYesNo
Detailed plan showing various strategies to reduce debt and increase wealthYesNo
Setting up the correct structure of loans and accounts to suit your specific strategiesYesNo
Comprehensive Achievers Manual, which includes:
  • Program instructions, "Pain Free" budgeting
  • Systems Forecasting "What If" analysis
"Progress analysis reports" every 30 days for the crucial first yearYesNo
Impartial advice and guidance on:
  • Investment Strategies, Optimal Loan Structures
  • Safe wealth creation advice
Updated financial analysis and forecasting YesNo
One on one Financial Coaching dedicated to your success over the first 12 monthsYesNo
Ongoing support, mentoring and reviews YesNo

Your WMP advisor will devise a money management plan that incorporates a mortgage loan matched to your personal financial planning requirements.

Your WMP advisor will be by your side, throughout every step of the planning process, to help you identify and establish the path best suited to you – offering encouragement, practical advice and appropriate guidance to help ensure you stay on ‘track’ with your decisions.

What Next

Our clients are often leaders in their own spheres of influence yet understand that this does not imply a mastery of all facets of their financial worlds.

Our Licensed Financial Planners can work with you to establish your lifestyle objectives, provide you with options to achieve these objectives and work with other consultants within the WMP Group Wealth Centre to implement your plan.

If you are not on the path that moves towards your financial goals, we’ll show you what changes you can implement to get on track. We’ll also provide a range of strategic alternatives through our wealth consultants as you work through the planning process.

If you are ready to break free from your mortgage then it’s time to talk to the WMP Group.