Advice Documents

Understanding Series


Debt Management Strategies


Debt management


Redraw facility


Debt recycling


Costs and risks of reverse mortgages


Retirement Income Strategies


Account Based Pensions


Transition to Retirement Pensions




Transfer balance cap


Social Security Strategies


Age Pension


Aged Care


Disability Support Pension (DSP)


DVA Service Pension




Insurance bond in a private trust


Newstart Allowance


Pension Income and Assets Tests – Deparatment of Human Services


Strategies to increase Department of Human Services or DVA entitlements


Waiting periods


Insurance Strategies


Income Protection Insurance


Term Life Insurance


Total and Permanent Disablement – TPD – Insurance


Trauma or Critical Illness Insurance


Superannuation Strategies


Cash out and re-contribute to super




Consolidate superannuation


Downsizer Super Contribution


First home super saver scheme


Non-concessional contributions


Personal deductible contributions


Salary sacrifice


Splitting superannuation contributions


Spouse contributions




Estate Planning


Advance Care Directive


Family Trusts


Powers of Attorney


Special Disability Trust


Superannuation death benefits


Testamentary Trusts




Investment Concepts


Asset Allocation


Child savings plans


Costs and risks of derivatives


Costs and risks of direct property


Dollar cost averaging


Insurance Investment Bonds


Investment risks


Managed funds


Separately Managed Account (SMA)


Set and maintain a budget




Small business CGT concessions


Redundancy payments


Salary packaging


Tax considerations for non-residents




Business Insurance Strategies


Business Continuation Insurance


Business Expenses Insurance


Business Succession Agreement and Funding




Costs and risks of gearing


Costs and risks of gearing into superannuation


Costs and risks of margin lending


Self Managed Super


Commencing an SMSF pension


Costs and risks of borrowing by self managed superannuation funds (SMSF)


Key SMSF investment rules


Limited Recourse Loan


Self managed superannuation funds


The SMSF Investment Strategy