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Code of Ethics

Wealth Management Partners is totally committed to the highest standards of ethics and business practice.

We will:


be open, honest and sincere in all dealings with clients, staff and associates.


strive towards absolute objectivity and disclosure in all advice and service, with particular attention to the avoidance of any conflicts of interest that may impair the appropriateness of recommendations.


treat clients, staff and associates fairly and respectfully, ensuring any disputes are resolved equitably and promptly.


maintain the highest standards of professional performance, and through this knowledge and skill provide the highest quality advice and service to our clients.


exercise due care and diligence at all times.


respect the sanctity of confidential information in all aspects of business, and not disclose it without specific consent unless required to do so by law.


conduct ourselves professionally and honourably at all times, so we may enhance the reputation of – and respect for – our business.


comply with all legal and fudiciary obligations, the standards and ethics of our Licensee and with the spirit of this Code.

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