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Retirement should be all about having the time to enjoy the things that you have worked hard to create.

Whether you’re dreaming of something big like the ultimate world tour, uncovering a passion for a new hobby or something as simple as spending time with your family, you can start planning today for your ideal retirement.

The transition from working to retirement can be a daunting and complex one depending upon your individual financial and personal circumstances. To seek professional advice ensures that your transition is a smooth and rewarding one.

For the last 10 years, our Retirement specialists, Adrian Whitaker and Troy Hartley have expertly assisted clients transition from their typical working environment to a lifestyle with more choice, having the options to spend more time focusing on what’s important to them.

Our clients understand the importance of getting the best advice they can. Whether that advice relates to issues like; Capital Gains Tax minimisation (resulting from the sale of a small business or investment property), boosting their superannuation via salary sacrifice or a ‘Transition to Retirement’ strategy, the pro’s and con’s of Self Managed Superannuation, maximising Centrelink benefits or even the wonderful benefits available from fully franked Australian share dividends. Adrian and Troy are Certified Financial Planners, Quality Advice accredited and focus on helping clients achieve an enjoyable retirement.

At Wealth Management Partners we understand the value of investing in a tax effective environment to maximise your retirement funds.

For anyone approaching retirement, one of the key areas is to organise your affairs to minimise your tax liability. Wealth Management Partners are often able to recommend strategies which may result in nil tax being payable by our clients.

You also have a range of choices as to how you can invest your money. This may be cash (ie a term deposit), property, bonds, shares or a diversified mixture of all of these. Adrian and Troy will work closely with you to identify your specific circumstances and aspirations and devise an optimal solution that will work best for you.

Case Study

Scott was first introduced to Wealth Management Partners back in 2005 when a friend suggested that he attend one of WMP’s retirement planning seminars. Scott liked what he saw, took advantage of the offer of a ‘no-cost initial appointment’ and became a client of the business shortly after. Scott was then in his late 50’s and whilst he was earning a good income, had a healthy superannuation fund balance and also a geared investment property, he was concerned that he was not going to be able to accumulate enough money to have the lifestyle that he was so looking forward to post stopping work.

Scott was lucky enough to have surplus income, prior to seeking WMP’s advice, Scott’s strategy was to direct this surplus at reducing his investment property loan. Adrian suggested an alternative for Scott’s surplus income. By redirecting an amount of his pre-tax income to superannuation (salary sacrifice), restructuring his investment property loan so as to only pay ‘interest only’ repayments and start a small geared investment, Scott was able to save just under $16,000 per annum in income tax. Additionally, Scott’s superannuation balance was also growing by an additional $32,000 per year and over the following six years his small geared investment portfolio also grew (even with the GFC).

Scott has now stopped work, WMP have helped him sell down most of his investments and Scott has contributed the proceeds into his superannuation.

Some of the super contributions helped Scott minimise the Capital Gains Tax that he would otherwise have to have paid. Scott used this saved tax (about $16,000) to take his girlfriend to Europe for six weeks. WMP advised Scott to start a pension with his accumulated superannuation money which now pays him a regular monthly tax free income. Scott has just satisfied another goal with the purchase of a ‘classic car’ and is now looking forward to his next holiday.

Over the six years that Scott has been advised by WMP, he has been able to save in excess of $110,000 of tax, additionally he was able to grow his wealth by about $220,000 which is now resulting in a better lifestyle for him in retirement.

Why not find out what 8000 people over the last ten years have learnt about planning for their financial future

Wealth Management Partners regularly present free public seminars throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

These seminars provide valuable, easy to understand advice for those soon to be retired or existing retirees looking to ensure their future is financially secure.

Throughout the time these seminars have been running, the feedback has overwhelmingly been that they have represented enormous value and a very informative insight into the world of retirement.

Visit our website www.wmpgroup.com.au to register for one of our up and coming seminars or contact us on(08) 9368 6030.

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If you would like any further information with regard to Retirement Planning please contact our specialists, Adrian Whitaker at adrian@wealthmp.com.au or Troy Hartley at troy@wealthmp.com.au or call (08) 9368 6030

This advice may not be suitable to you because it contains general advice that has not been tailored to your personal circumstances. Please seek personal financial and tax and/or legal advice prior to acting on this information.

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